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Explore the World and TravelXpo have jointly created a Christmas calendar to inspire you to plan future trips when possible again. Every day from the 1st to the 24th of December, we open a new window, with a travel-related question and a prize for the participants with the correct answers drawn.

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The global community has been hit hard in recent months by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has led to a huge spread of infection, with many sick and dead.
Although Norway has been relatively well prepared and has avoided a very large number of hospital admissions and deaths, Norwegian society has nevertheless been hit hard, both in terms of individuals and the business community. As a consequence of the pandemic, and in an attempt to keep it under control, the Norwegian authorities have introduced a number of restrictions and guidelines.

For the organizers of Explore the World (in collaboration with TravelXpo), these conditions are especially important:
- Many of our partners from abroad have entry or exit restrictions and must in any case be in 10 days quarantine on arrival in Norway.
- It is currently not allowed to hold events with more than 200 participants (although this can be increased slightly by dividing it into time intervals.) The number basically applies in total and also includes exhibitors.
- The advice given with a view to avoiding the use of public means of transport as much as possible, will make access to the event significantly more difficult.
- In addition, there is other advice and infection control rules that must be taken into account, such as social distancing which will create major challenges in relation to the implementation of the event in practice.

As organizers, we are of course concerned with acting responsibly, both for the sake of exhibitors and visitors, but also in relation to society in general and the authorities' efforts to prevent further spread of infection.

Although the situation may change, the current situation will make it very difficult to conduct such an event as Explore the World in 2021. Therefore we are planning for the next event to take place in January 2022, although some smaller events may be scheduled in the meantime.

We will post more updated information as soon as it is available and the situation is more certain.

The team behind Explore the World
On behalf of the tourism participants


Explore the World - Explore the World is a travel event for active and experienced travelers and for those who would like some exciting travel suggestions.
Here you can meet key people from reputable tour operators and the best travel experts, as well as cruise lines, airlines and tourist offices from different countries. We offer a wide range of international and quality-oriented travel experiences and destinations.
Explore the World is a slightly different kind of trade fair, which the focus only on trips abroad. Here you will also find many exciting and useful presentations and lectures.
This year the range and offerings have been greatly expanded, with Explore the World been a special part of the larger and more extensive travel fair, TravelXpo.
See more about TravelXpo here: www.travelxpo.no

Explore the World: All good things come in threes; now in collaboration with TravelXpo, giving access to even more exciting experiences!

Explore the World will take place for the third time in 2022 on the following dates, this time as part of TravelXpo.

Date: Friday, January 14th, 2022 (Travel Trade only).
Saturday, January 15th, 2022 (open to the public).
Sunday, January 16th, 2022 (open to the public)
Venue: Telenor Arena, Oslo.

Attend exciting seminars for free! Program to follow later.

The basic and fundamental ideas of this event are as follows:
• Free entrance (entrance tickets will be available later)
• Meeting place for all active and quality conscious travelers
• Focus exclusively on traveling abroad in the UV pavilion
• Presentation of high quality travel products and destinations
• Great emphasis on dialogue with the best travel experts
• Answers to any questions you may have
• Inspiration and travel suggestions for those with a sense of adventure
• Interesting presentations with knowledgeable speakers
• Special and attractive offers for travel, exciting activities and more.
• Exciting experiences related to many different countries

Interested? We look forward to seeing you there!

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